What We Do 

Empowering businesses with Insightful Actions

Supporting entrepreneurs manage their business holistically while standardizing entrepreneurial journey from start to growth.

Single source platform to help you monitor your integrated business performance

With Entrescope, entrepreneurs, business accelerators, incubators and professional service providers can get insights on viability, feasibility and sustainability of a business from seed to growth.  

Let us guide you through the current stage of your entrepreneurial journey. 👇

New Business Idea

New Business Idea

Startup Phase

Startup Phase

Established Business

Established Business

Entrescope is the essential tool to help business owners to bridge the gap and overcome potential pitfalls during the key stages of business operations. If you are part of the group that invests a lot of money seeking various sources of business support and you still don’t know how to keep running your business, you are in the right place.

We help manage your business in one holistic view with all resources in one place. 

Get Assessed

Go over the business assessment and get a real time business health score.

Continue to monitor your business during coaching journey.

Take control of the three critical areas of your business

Financial Health

Is your cash flow positive or negative? Get real time evaluation of your cash flow and other financial statements.

Marketing & Sales

Are you struggling to get enough leads? Get a marketing and sales plan of action. Insights, tips and much more.

Operations Health

Are you experiencing inefficiencies in your operations? Get insights to run optimally and discover new areas that you can explore.

On-demand business advisor and specialized consultants

Explore the central hub to connect with business coaches, advisors and consultants to support your business endeavors. Entrescope will help your growing team manage its entire business operations, its marketing strategies and finances. 

Pulse of your business at your fingertips!

With Entrescope centralized platform you can:

Get a personal business advisor

Get free consultations with experts in the area you need help, marketing, operation and finances.

Gauge viability, feasibility and sustainability

Get indicators of the current health of your business and best practices in all these aspects.

Continuous improvement

Assess the health of your business regularly and leverage insights from your progress reports and areas for improvement.

Enjoy peace of mind while working on your business, and connect with expert advisors tailored to your current and future business needs.

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Be among the first to take advantage of all the benefits Entrescope has to offer.